Florida: December 2000

MarshIn December 2000 I took a short, 3-day trip to visit my parents in Atlantic Beach, Florida, just east of Jacksonville. There wasn't enough time to do any cycling but I did manage to get in a short drive and took a few photos. This is of a marsh along coastal road A1A just south of Little Talbot Island State Park west of Jacksonville.
There is a small ferry that crosses the St. Johns River at the town of Mayport, adjacent to the Mayport Naval base (right). Below is another shot of the same marsh. Plan to use these two marsh photos as the basis for either drawings or watercolors or both. Marsh
Took a short drive north along A1A to try to find a spot to sketch. Parked near a stream among the marsh next to some fishermen, but after about 3 minutes the sand gnats drove me away. They were persistent and bit constantly. Marsh
MarshNo wonder the fishermen had their hoods on and were smoking. Returned toward the ferry and stopped at the Kingsley plantation, a national park or historic site located on the Intercoastal waterway. Just as I arrived this fleet of sailboats pulled in and dropped anchor for the night.
As I flew out after two days the plane flew over my parents house (below). Marsh