Bike Trip (part 2)

   Sheep roamed pretty freely. Often there were no fences along the roadway.

Below is a mosaic of three photos from an overlook of the lake

   On the north shore of the lake is the rift zone where the European and North American plates come together. The next several photos were take from the top of the clffs, overlooking the site of the first parliament, the Alping. The rock cliffs provided a backdrop used to amplify the sound of the political orations. It is now a park.

 The top of the cliffs are a popular picnicing area in nice weather.  

   Looking south along the rift zone. It was one of those rare sunny days and the greens were intense.

 From the top of the cliffs there was a path that lead down to the lake and buildings below. Bike Friday in the foreground.  

More photos of the park and a few of the return trip