Intermedite Tool List
Tool Description Park Tool Product More Information
Bicycle Repair Stand See Repair Stand Catagory The stand forms the base of a good shop. 
Hex Wrench Set
Park Tool AWS-10, or HXS-1  
Work Apron Park Tool SA-1 or SA-3Keep your clothes clean and hold those tools while you work
Screwdriver 3/16" straight blade tip Park Tool SD-6  
Phillips tip screwdriver, #2 (1/4") Park Tool SD-2 
Phillips tip screwdriver, #0 (1/8") Park Tool SD-0  
Hammer Park Tool HMR-2 Double ended, steel and rubber
Combinations Wrenches, 7mm to 17mmHardware/tool storeBox end with open end on other side.
Large 12" Adjustable Wrench Park Tool PAW-12For odd sizes locknuts.
Lockring Wrench Park Tool HCW-5 Fits most all lockring types for adjustable square BB's
Adjustable Cup ToolPark Tool SPA-6Adjustable type bottom brackets
Fixed Cup Tool, 36mm Park Tool HCW-4Adjustable type bottom brackets
Fixed Cup Wrench Clamp Large bolt, 2 washers & 2 nuts, or HHP-2Adjustable type bottom brackets
Cartridge BB Tool Park Tool BBT-22Fits 20 tooth internal spline cups such as on Shimano® cartridge bottom brackets, FSA®, and Race Face® ISIS Drive bottom brackets
Bottom bracket external bottom bracket cup wrench Park Tool BBT-9Shimano® Hollowtech II, Race Face® X-type, andTruvativ Giga X-Pipe crankset systems
Bottom bracket lockring tool Park Tool BBT-7Shimano XTR & Dura-Ace lockrings (adjustable type bottom brackets)
Crankset & bb tool Park Tool BBT-18Fits Shimano® bb's with 8 notches, Truvativ® and Bontrager®. Also for cassette type chainrings
Headset Locknut Wrench (32mm and 36mm)- threaded headsets only

Park Tool HW-2
or large adjustable wrench PAW-12

32mm and 36mm open end wrench in 8-point. Wrench wraps to fit all points.
Headset Lwr Race Wrench (32&36mm)Park Tool HCW-15For threaded steering columns
Cone WrenchesPark Tool SCW-SET Shop cone wrench setFor some hub models, 2 wrenches required of 13, 14, 15 or 16mm.
Spoke Wrenches Park Tool SW-0, SW-1, SW-2 Select smallest size that fits.
Tire Levers Park Tool TL-1, TL-2 or TL-5 (steel) Levers vary in design and fit.
Patch KitPark Tool GP-2, VP-1VP-1 has glue in tube. GP-2 has pre-glued patches.
Floor Pump PFP-3 PumpPump head fits both presta and schrader
Spoke Ruler Park Tool SBC-1 Measures spoke length and ball bearings sizes.
Pedal Wrench  PW-3 has 15 & 9/16". PW-4 has 15mm only.
Crankarm Pullers Park Tool CWP-6, CCP-4 or CCP-2

CCP-4 is for round, splined ISIS Drive® or Shimano® Octalink only.

CCP-2 is for square type spindle only.

CWP-6 works with either square or round spindles.

Cassette/Freewheel Removers  Purchase as needed.
Sprocket Removal Tool- chain whip
Park Tool SR-1 Needed to hold cassette while lockring is removed. Note: older freehubs required two sprocket tools.
Chain Rivet ExtractorPark Tool CT-3 Compatible with 10 speed chain systems.
Chain Wear CheckerPark Tool CC-2, or CC-3Check chain for wear
Derailleur Alignment Gauge Park Tool DAG-1 Aligns rear derailleur hanger
Fourth Hand ToolPark Tool BT-2Tightens cable slack by pulling cable.
Cable CuttersPark Tool CN-10 Cuts both cable and housing
Bearing Grease Park Tool PPL-1 or PPL-2. afe for susp. elastomers and ceramic bearings.
Chain lubricationBrands and types vary. Select according to conditions 
Degreaser for chain and parts Park Tool CB-2Citrus ChainBrite
Hand Cleaner  
Alcohol For cleaning brake surfaces and press fits
Zip tiesVarious sizes and colors
Rags Lots and lots of cotton rags
Tubes- spare Purchase to fit
Gear Cables- spare Use only high quality cables