Iceland Bike Trip

 On Friday I had some time off and took a bike trip from the hotel in Reykjavik north to the town of Mossfellsbaer and around toward the fjord Hvalfjordur, whale fjord, known to host up to 17 whale species. This is a stream along the route, just a few miles outside Reyjkavik. Route 1 is the major road around Iceland and is heavily travelled. Luckily on Friday morning there wasn't much traffic. There is a small shoulder which helped as well. I cycled about 10 miles along the coast.  

   Another stream along route 1 that empties into the ocean. Just barely visible on the bank is my Bike Friday with my yellow rain jacket over the handlebars. It rained off and on throughout the morning, in between periods of sunshine and clouds, typical Icelandic weather.

 After the above picture I discovered that I was out of film and I had forgotten to bring one of the 2 extra rolls of film that I had back in the room, so I returned to Mossfellsbaer, bought some film, and then turned inland on route 36 to Lake pinvallavatn. This is a scene along the way, one of the few farmsteads on the route.  

   There wasn't much between the main road and the lake, mostly pasture and a few scattered farms, with hills on either side. There were almost no trees.

 It's a long 40 kilometers if you don't have food or drink (and this is the more populated area!).  

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