Bicycle Adventures Oregon Coast Tour, 2006

August 22, 2006, Tuesday

Tillamook to Lincoln City, OR,

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Pancakes for breakfast always sounds appealing to me but never seems to live up to my expectations. Breakfast was in the Shilo Inn restaurant and consisted of nearly inch-thick blueberry pancakes with raw batter and blueberries inside. The service matched the food.

The 65-mile ride to Lincoln City would follow the Three Capes Scenic Route. Under gray, cloudy skies we headed NW around Tillamook Bay toward Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint. It was a short walk to the scenic lighthouse. There is something captivating about the simple beauty of a stark white lighthouse at the edge of the sea. Nearby was the “Octopus Tree”, a Sitka spruce that had been battered by winds and had no central trunk. Instead several branches spread out from the base and grew in the form of an octopus.

Overcast ride along Tillamook Bay.Entrance to Cape Lookout park.Kerie in front of “Octopus Tree”.
Cape Lookout overlook.Share the road signs where there was no shoulder.Coast overlook.

We paid the price for the visit by having a steep climb back to Cape Mearse Loop Road. Shortly after leaving the park the sun finally came out and the skies cleared and for the rest of the trip we had mostly clear sunny weather. After the climb up Cape Lookout there was a long downhill, too frequently interrupted by a rough road and several large potholes. Toward the bottom of the hill there was one hole at the edge of a shadow that I missed and hit hard, almost losing control of the bike since I had a light grip on the handlebars. Talking about it later with others, it seemed that almost everyone hit the same hole.

We stopped for lunch outside Pacific City at the Pelican Pub and Brewery, near Cape Kiwana State Natural Area. Lunch was OK but it was not worth the 2 hour wait, especially since most of us were not sampling the beer on this long day of riding. The restaurant overlooks the beach and sand dunes and is said to be a popular hang gliding spot, but not on that day.

Unusual “wildlife” refuge.Sand dunes near Sand Lake.Downhill run.

For the remainder of the ride we headed inland on old 101 through thick woods and clearcuts. The guides encouraged everyone to end their ride at mile 56.8 with a milkshake at the Otis Cafe. Everyone would then ride the van to the motel in Lincoln City. The guides were concerned about the congested roads on the remaining 9 miles of the route in which we would have to cross Route 101 several times. Kerie and I arrived in Otis shortly after most everyone else and sized up the situation. Not only was the cafe closed, but it would be a while before we would be leaving. We would have to wait for a few others to arrive, load the bikes on the vans, then drive to the motel.

Kerie, Justin, and I decided to ride the remaining miles. We'd come this far, and would probably beat the vans back to the motel anyway. The route was busy in sections, with a narrow shoulder on parts of Route 101, but there were other very scenic areas and we were glad we did the ride.

Dinner that night was at Kyllo's Seafood Grill. We had very good food (I had halibut followed by marionberry cobbler) and excellent, timely service.

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